Our Mission

The mission of the Clarksdale Farmers Market is to serve as a community-gathering place where local farmers, producers and artisans can offer fresh agricultural and related products. The market seeks to showcase locally grown produce and related food items from the Mid-South and Delta region and to educate the community about food choices. Buying directly from the growers allows shoppers to ask questions and get answers from the source. The market provides community development and is a great place to meet friends and neighbors. The market is all-volunteer run and is supported by vendor fees.

Our Goals

1. Improve the community’s nutrition options.
2. Assist area farmers, producers and artisans with sustainable business opportunities.
3. Generate a sense of local pride while furthering the economic development of our community, particularly downtown.
4. Provide a vehicle to educate the community on nutrition and good health.

Our History

The Clarksdale Farmers Market is literally a “grass-roots” organization. Two years ago, in late spring 2006, a loose group of interested people got together and started the CFM at the corner of First and Sunflower at the site of a former gas station. We invited any local growers, whether backyard gardeners or more serious farmers, and artisans to bring their produce and crafts to sell.
This past year, our organizing group shrunk to just three people, but the market — although small and limited in resources (vendors, produce and customers) — sustained itself for another season. In the interest of being more centrally located and integrated into downtown Clarksdale, we moved to the empty green space in the 200 block of Delta Avenue.